CARL IT IG: ReBoot, ReFormat…

Ian Chan
Systems Coordinator & Web Development Librarian
California State University San Marcos
Danielle Kane
Research Librarian for Emerging Technologies and Service Innovation
UCI Libraries, University of California, Irvine


By the start of the 2014 CARL Conference, the re-booted CARL IT will have just passed it’s two year mark of re-existence. This showcase will discuss the steps taken to bring about the re-boot and present some of what was accomplished. The presenters will discuss the challenges and the highlights of the past two years. A possible roadmap for the future of this IG and plans for new activities will also be laid out. The session will conclude with an open forum with opportunities for attendees to help the IG steering committee complete (or rewrite) the IG roadmap and future plans.


The primary objective of the CARL IT interest group is to create a space where library colleagues may interact and exchange ideas on the uses of technology.  To achieve this outcome, the steering committee has sought to engage membership by offering a variety of virtualized social gathering spots. Each gathering spot aimed to draw an audience by creating a common set of topics for discussion and sharing of knowledge. To date, the committee has been most successful in doing so through a webinar series known as CARL IT On Air.  On Air brings together technology leaders  throughout California to share their knowledge with others, hopefully helping other participants formulate their own projects and services. Informally sharing IT related projects allows IG members to connect with others, gather feedback, and share important information faster than traditional publishing mechanisms.


Sun, 04/06/2014 – 8:00am -9:15am


Morgan Hill [LL]